Carpets dry in 30 mins

Kills dust mites, dog and cat fleas without chemicals



Touch dry in 1 hour!

Cleaned & stain protected all-in-one process


Hard Floors

Safe to walk on immediately

Leaves grout and tiles looking like new


Curtain Cleaning

No need to take down

Your curtains are safely dry cleaned on site


Derby Mattress Cleaning

June 5, 2011

Derby Mattress Cleaning, mazing customer benefits, mattresses are cleaned in your home through Derby Carpet Cleaners unique Dry mattress cleaning system available in Derby and the surrounding areas.   That’s why we are No 1 for customer satisfaction.

Research indicates that on average when asleep, a person can sweat half a litre of liquid and can actually shed up to a gram of skin each day, resulting in a breeding ground for the house dust mite.

Dust mites live on dead skin that falls off when you sleep. Its not the dust mite itself that can be harmful , but the faecal matter from the dust mite, which is lighter than air and becomes airborne as you toss and turn in the night, causes you to breath it in.  Indoor air pollution ranks consistently among the top five environmental risks to the public health.  You sleep 1/3 of your life which means you are breathing in the faecal matter more heavily eight hours out of the day.


We have invested in an amazing system that will eliminate the household dust mite without the use of harmful chemicals, and give you a healthier home.

The Purelight XD Ultraviolet Light Wand is the world’s most advanced germicidal wand, designed to help control disease-causing bacteria and viruses in your environment. The anti-microbial properties of UV-C Light (Ultraviolet Light – C Band) are well known to scientists and have been used since the 1930s to kill germs containing DNA and RNA

(Including bacteria, viruses, fungi and mold AND DUST MITES!).

Indoor air quality is one of the most important factors that have to be taken into account for both domestic households and commercial premises and an important factor in helping to maintain good air quality is the effective removal of dust and soil from all surfaces.  Therefore regular carpet maintenance is absolutely essential in helping to maintain the carpets appearance and air quality.

The choice of the correct vacuum for the purpose is a variable that is often overlooked in both domestic and commercial buildings and is in fact one of the most important issues that should be addressed.  Most people are under the impression that vacuuming for big particles is what influences the choice of vacuum, when in fact in creating a cleaner healthier environment the issue should be how small the particles that my vacuum can remove are. Removing large particles is more for appearance compared to removing small particles that is for health.  Our family business has from the beginning been concerned not with flushing your furnishing with water but ensuring that harmful to health particles are safely removed and more importantly not reintroduced back into the environment through poor vacuum filtration systems.  We use both upright and back pack vacuum systems that capture soil and safely contain harmful particles, as well as preventing them from being reintroduced back into the environment through the use of “ProTeam” vacuums’unique Filtration system.  This system captures tiny dust mites, bacteria, and other particles – which can cause unhealthy air therefore keeping your home or business premises safer for all concerned.

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