Carpets dry in 30 mins

Kills dust mites, dog and cat fleas without chemicals



Touch dry in 1 hour!

Cleaned & stain protected all-in-one process


Hard Floors

Safe to walk on immediately

Leaves grout and tiles looking like new


Curtain Cleaning

No need to take down

Your curtains are safely dry cleaned on site


Commercial Cleaning

May 21, 2015

Customer Testimonial

I would also like to take this opportunity in stating that our Service Director was absolutely delighted with the cleanliness of all the carpets that had been cleaned.

His words “They are the cleanest that they have been even when using our cleaners” Definitely use them again.  Thank you once again

Ann Barden – Inbound Operational Manager – Vaillant Group Service

Environmentally Friendly

Our system uses 95% less water than other systems, produces no waste product and leaves the carpets dry in 30 Minutes.  The Vacuums we use have a triple  Hepa filtration system that removes 99.77 % of airborne pollutants without putting them back into the environment.

Please note. The products that we use are one of the most Eco-friendly cleaning solutions available,

Clean only using M-Power – “M-Power” has been tested to ensure that all compounds that are considered toxic or otherwise hazardous to the operator or the environment are not present in this unique formulation.  Derived from renewable/sustainable sources, Fully Biodegradable, Non-toxic to humans, pets and aquatic life, Non-fuming – Non-hazardous – Non-polluting and not tested on animals

Clean and Protect using Dry Fusion “Re-Act”Two unique mechanisms work to keep Dry Fusion cleaned carpets virtually stain free to maintain that just cleaned look longer.  A fluorocarbon resin places an invisible protective shield over every fibre during the cleaning process. Imagine if your carpet fibres were put under a very powerful microscope.  Most fibres would look like sponges with lots of tiny holes in them.  These are called dye sites.  This is where the dye goes when the fibres are coloured during the manufacturing process. The trouble is that not all the sites are filled with dye – many are left empty and can fill with tea, coffee, wine, or anything else that is spilled on your beautiful carpet.  The stain blocker fills the vacant dye sites with a special INVISIBLE dye which helps to prevent other stains from getting in.

A Brief Explanation of Our Cleaning Processes

Stage 1: Vacuuming, following discussion with you the technician will remove the furniture to your requirements and proceed to vacuum the carpets north – south and east – west to ensure optimum removal of pollutants. The triple Hepa filtration system removes 99.77 % of airborne pollutants without putting them back into the environment.

Stage 2: The next stage of the cleaning process is the application of the environmentally friendly cleaning solution that starts to work breaking down ingrained soil particles immediately on contact.

Stage 3: Your carpeting is cleaned using the unique Dry Fusion cleaning system allowing you to walk on the carpeting immediately,

Stage 4: The carpet is checked for any marks/stains that have not come out and treated accordingly, followed by a pile grooming of the carpet

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