Carpets dry in 30 mins

Kills dust mites, dog and cat fleas without chemicals



Touch dry in 1 hour!

Cleaned & stain protected all-in-one process


Hard Floors

Safe to walk on immediately

Leaves grout and tiles looking like new


Curtain Cleaning

No need to take down

Your curtains are safely dry cleaned on site


Hard Floors


Are you just about to give up on your dirty tiles and grout? Convinced they will never look good again? And even considering ripping them up and replacing? WELL DON’T

There is an alternative to costly replacement, not only will we make your stone/tiles and grout look new, we will be able to advise you on how to keep them looking new.

Our full service is an 5 Steps intensive cleaning process as follows;

1- Dry soil removal: we will remove any dry soil and dirt before any water based cleaning takes place
2- Spray the floor with a cleaning solution
3- Brush the tile/grout
4- High pressure steam cleaning equipment will clean and rinse with a fully enclosed vacuum system!
5- Dry: After the cleaning process has been completed, we will clean up and force dry any areas leaving your tiled areas dry to the touch.

We recommend using a sealer on your floor after it has been cleaned. This extra layer of protection seals the stone and grout, making it resistant to spills and stains and easier to clean in the future – keeping the grout and the surface looking cleaner for longer.